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Monday, August 04, 2008

Bali Buddha

Enquire thru the usual channels for prices.
Hosted at showroom in Ubi. Cash and carry.

91691476 [sms only]

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Love Nest Love Letters

A recent addition to the repertoire. Deco for that special moment aka proposal, wedding night or just an out of the blue present for your loved one to come home to.

100% quality with an exquisite professional touch.

The photos speak for themselves.

All enquiries through the usual channels.

Call/sms me 91691476.
Email me: find.shanker@gmail.com

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentine's Day Flowers



Why wait for prices to rise to the sky near Valentine's Day?

Do you forget about flowers every year only to pay through the roof for a last minute bouquet?

Are you a student and unable to afford the heavily priced ready made bouquets?

Place your order now for the most affordable option around and you won't even have to worry about forgetting to send flowers.

On the spot confirmation of order after payment is received.

1 rose at $6
3 roses at $15
6 roses at $25
9 roses at $35
12 roses at $45
24 roses at $65
36 roses at $90
99 roses at $210

Roses in any colour combination of Red/Pink/White/Champagne.
Enquire for other numbers not listed here.

1 - $30
3 - $50
5 - $75

3 - $40
5 - $65
10 - $100

Tulips come in White/Pink/Orange/White with tint of pink at ends.
Enquire for other numbers not listed here.

Calla lily
3 - $55
5 - $80

Calla Lilies come in Golden Yellow/Pale Yellow

Can't decide how many and what colour to buy?

1 stalk - Love at 1st Sight
2 stalks - Mutual Feelings
3 stalks - I Love You
7 stalks - I am Infatuated by You
9 stalks - Together as Long as We Live
10 stalks - You are Perfect
11 stalks - You are My Treasured One
12 stalks - Be My Steady
13 stalks - Friends Forever
15 stalks - I am Sorry
20 stalks - I am Sincere Towards You
21 stalks - I am Committed to You
36 stalks - I Will Remember Our Romantic Moments
40 stalks - My Love is Genuine
99 stalks - I Will Love You Till the Day I Die
100 stalks - I am Totally Devoted to You
101 stalks - You are My One and Only
999 stalks - My Love Will Last Till the End of Time

Red - I love you or Encouragement
White - You are heavenly, reverence of innocence & purity
Pink - You are gentle & graceful
Two Roses - Joined Together, Engagement
Red and White Roses - Together Unity
Sunflower - Adoration
Calla Lily - Beauty
Tulip - Perfect Lover



[$15 to CBD]



Order Method [Order Deadline is 12th Feb 2008]

- By SMS : 91691476 [don't expect instant replies during office hours]
- By E-mail: find.shanker@gmail.com
- State number of roses, colour combination, special requests for speedy ordering.

Payment Procedure

- POSB/DBS Bank transfer [
- Other local banks require 3 day notice due to process time.

Why buy from US?

1. Personalize your bouquet with a card bearing your message if you so choose
2. There is no minimum purchase. $10 delivery charge applies to any quantity.
3. We offer only premium roses and not knock offs. You will know by the texture.
4. Our price is so low, it even pains us at offering it to you at this price. But, we feel like spreading the love. That's what Valentine's is all about.
5. Enquire for numbers/combis that are not listed here.
6. Corporate customers welcome. We've already had a few bosses who buy a single stalk for all their office female staff to spread the good tidings.


1. Prices subject to change nearing Feb 14th depending on suppliers' pricing. So order early.
2. Paid and confirmed orders are non-refundable.
3. E-mails /Smses not relating to anything flower-y in nature will be duly ignored.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Many tuition agencies throughout the country promise you the sky and more. Yet, even big private schools seldom go through a rigorous process to ensure that quality teachers are available to tutor their students. Private agencies wash their hands off after their commission is received after the first month.

Horror stories are a plenty from both students and parents. At A + Educators, our stand is clear. We are transparent in all that we do. We have only one sole aim: Get your kid an A.

1. Learn from RI, Cedar, NUS, NTU alumni who have a combined total of 15 years tutoring experience across all levels.

2. Learn with materials not readily available in the market, we use our broad network to get hard to find papers for your child/ward.

3. Tuition at your convenience. Tuition is not a minor part of education. Sometimes it may make all the difference especially if a large class size or teaching style does not motivate your child in his/her school.

4. Charismatic tutors. There will be no overbearing strictness, condescension, piling homework nor attitude problems. The goal is to learn and learn your child will.

Interested in garnering the best after-school tutoring you can find?

These courses are on for this time period:

a. Home tuition for Lower / Upper Primary and Lower / Upper Secondary levels. Contact us to see if the subject you require is available.

b. Group tuition at tutor's home - Join us with a group of friends and enjoy great savings on your fees. It is also a healthier way to study as more brains reinforce the lessons learnt.

c. Crash Course O Level English Comprehension: Receive all the tricks and tips that have brought us our A1 in English and for our ex-students.

d. Crash Course O Level English Essay: Identify easy essay questions, structures of compositions and find out from us what Cambridge Examiners are really looking for.

- Competitive rates apply. Normal market rates may/may not apply subject to tutor availability and time constraint. We believe in quality.

-One to One tuitions, group tuitions and crash courses are available for all subjects that we have qualified tutors for. Enquire with us for more details.

A+ Educators
E-mail: find.shanker@gmail.com
HP: 91691476

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Ah_Neh has scouted and come up with a comprehensive list of all out there.

All fragrances are brand new, boxed and available in a variety of sizes [i.e. ml].

Alessandro Dell

Alfred Dunhill

Anna Sui


Armand Basi



Britney Spears




Calvin Klein

Carolina Herrera



Christian Dior


David Beckham



Dolce & Gabbana

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Taylor

Emporio Armani

Ermenegildo Zegna


Estee Lauder


Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Beverly Hills





Guy Laroche


Hugo Boss

Ice Berg

Issey Miyake

Jean Patou

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jennifer Lopez

Kenneth Cole






Lolita Lempicka


Marc Jacobs

Max Mara

Mont Blanc


Nina Ricci

Paco Rabanne

Paul Smith

Ralph Lauren

Salvatore Ferragamo

Thierry Mugler

Tommy Hilfiger

Any other fragrances you'd require that are not in this list, buzz me and I will source it for you. Limited editions available too.

E-mail: find.shanker@gmail.com
SMS: 91691476.

All fragrances are BRAND NEW and CHEAPER than market !

Order Method

1. Order by e-mail or sms
2. For postage to your place, POSB/DBS bank transfer of full amount incl. postage required.
3. For meet ups, Cash on Delivery terms.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Deepavalli Deco

In line for Deepavalli, we are proud to present our updated collection of Hindu God Fountains and Table Deco. All fountains come with individual lighting. To enquire on pricings, bulk orders and enquiries. Please email ahneh69@gmail.com or sms 91691476.

Size: 31cm x 38cm (Width x Height)
20% Deepavalli Discount!

Size: 30cm x 40cm (Width x Height)
20% Deepavalli Discount!

Size: 23cm x 32.5cm (Width x Height)
20% Deepavalli Discount!

Size: 21cm x 24cm (Width x Height)
20% Deepavalli Discount!

Size: 20cm x 22cm (Width x Height)
30% Discount!

All stock must go!
Don't wait. Contact us for your purchase.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sign up for FREE Membership !

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Freelance Air Con Repair

Freelance Air Con Repair.

From a recently retrenched 15 year experienced Air Con Repairman with all necessary certifications.

Any brand of Air Cons and for any type of establishment [Home, Office, Industrial]

Sms me 91691476. Rates are confirmed cheaper than market.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Absolut Bags

Brand new bags at bargain prices.
Interested, sms or email me. Limited quantity and time.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Typing n Translation

Need typists to clear the backlog of work you have? Wouldn't you rather entrust your massive typing to a proficient and responsible typist instead of spending many hours in front of your desktop.

Freelance typists with flexible, negotiable rates for formatted and unformatted typing. Latest job completed: PHd thesis [4 days].

Also, providing typing in Tamil. Don't waste your precious time getting used to the keys to type in Tamil. Pass it on to us, for flexible rates we will produce a top notch document for you.

English to Tamil translation services are also available.

For all enquiries,

Email us: find.shanker@gmail.com

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Clarins Morning Essence

BRAND NEW Clarins - Energizing Morning Aqua Essense

Full retail size of 125ml (worth $65). Selling for $30 nett.

For fast deal sms 91691476.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reference Books


The Child's First Library of Learning (18 books)

Growing Up with Science (26 books)

Charlie Brown Encyclopedia (15 books)
The New Encyclopedia Britannica 15th Edition Vols 1-29 (Full set)

The Children Treasury of Knowledge (10 books)

The World of Science (12 books)

Ideal presents for little children or to educate yourself and loved ones. All books are in superb brand new condition. I never flipped through any of them even once.

Sms 91691476 to arrange for a viewing.